Aspiring Musicians Need To Know About Premium Organic Music


You'll Get Connected With Premium Curators

Algorithmic and editorial Spotify Playlists have proven to be the best way for aspiring artists to reach new listeners. Algorithmic playlists are curated based on your listening data, while editorial playlists are curated in categories like genre, activity, vibes, and more. Our team features over 350 expert curators who are dedicated to getting your music on the most heard playlists in your genre.


You'll Keep All Your Royalties

For years, streaming services have been robbing artists of their earnings in exchange for publishing their music. With us, you'll keep all the money you generate from your talent and hard work.


Organic And Authentic Followers

Many artist relations platforms have invested in fake followers in the hope of using inauthentic growth to get clients on major playlists. Instead, we make sure all your followers are authentic and as invested in your art as we are.


We Know What Works

We've put together over 70,000 campaigns that helped independent artists achieve their dreams. We've proven our ability to help artists find their space in the music industry, and we can help you be next.


We Offer Three Plans So Everyone Can Grow

Our services come in three affordable plans so you can start sharing your art with the world no matter what stage you're at. Plus, all our plans come with 24/7 support to help you take the next step in your career.