FAQ New – Premium Playlists


What platforms do you offer?
Currently, we specialize in music marketing on four major platforms: Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud, and TikTok.
How long does it take for my song to be placed on a playlist?
Upon ordering, our team of music marketers and data analysts will review the answers you've provided to the quiz. Additionally, they will analyze your Instagram account (if provided) and Spotify profile in order to gather information about your fans. We then utilize the data we gathered to find the perfect audience for your track.

This process is always completed within an hour after ordering, immediately after that we begin pitching your music to our curators (or influencers, if the campaign is a TikTok influencer promotion). From that point, it can take anywhere up to 48 hours for your song to be placed.

If preparing for a song release, we recommend placing the order ahead of the release so your campaign will begin close to the release.
How do I submit my song?
We strive to make powerful music marketing easy and accessible to all artists. Simply fill out our quiz. Based on your answers to the quiz, we will suggest promotional packages that suit your goals. Choose your desired package and we'll do the rest.

If you still aren't sure which package is best for you, we highly recommend that you message one of our experts via the on-site chat popup. They are happy to answer any questions you may have about which of our promotion options aligns with your goals.
How many streams can I expect?
Streaming results vary from artist to artist, it depends on a variety of factors; the quality of your song, how you engage with your fans, your re-targeting strategy, your brand positioning, etc.

However, all of our clients see an increase in streaming that correlates to the number of followers on the lists they are added to. The more followers you get exposed to, the more streams that you can generate.

Typically our artists see that around 34% of the followers who are exposed to their music end up streaming, so based on your package’s reach, this can be an easy calculation. Please keep in mind that these are estimates.
Are the streams organic?
To ensure each campaign is successful, our team frequently verifies the Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud playlist curators within our network to ensure they don’t use any malicious techniques to generate their listeners. We strictly prohibit them from delivering inorganic traffic to our artists.

Some steps we take to ensure the playlists in our network are organic include:
  • • Using Chartmetrics we analyze the historical data of each playlist before we accept it into our network. If we notice any red flags such as unrealistic follower growth, inconsistent daily stream amounts, presence of pulled songs on the playlist, etc.. Then we do not allow the playlist into our network.
  • • We interview each playlist curator over the phone before deciding to work with them or not. If we feel they don't have artists' best interests in mind, we will not work with them.
  • • We listen to each playlist once before deciding whether or not to work with them. If a playlist has no unifying features, whether it be genre, mood, or vibe, then we do not accept it into our network. In our opinion, if a playlist is comprised of completely random songs then there is no realistic audience that would listen to it, and therefore the playlist is probably inorganic.

  • For TikTok, we have a similar vetting process for any influencers that wish to join our network. Our data analysts comb through their TikTok followers to ensure that the influencer is not utilizing "bot" followers.
    Are the streams generated eligible for royalties and payments?

    For Spotify promotions the streams we deliver will come through your Spotify for artists account and are thus eligible for royalties. Make sure you are registered and you will be set for your payday.

    Similarly, views gained from our YouTube promotion will be monetization eligible on the YouTube platform. Additionally, the views will be collected by Nielsen SoundScan and reported to Billboard, so each view will count towards billboard charts.
    How can I track my results?
    Spotify allows you to track the streams you receive from our playlists. You can track your progress via

    artists.spotify.com or spotontrack.com

    If you are running other promotions, or just having a tough time identifying which playlists you've been added to, we can provide you a report. Email us at info@premiumplaylists.com and we will send you links to the playlists you have been added to.
    How do I know this is legitimate?
    We understand how hard it is to trust a random website, so feel free to talk to us! Feel free to message us on our on-site livechat.

    You can also take a look at some of our client reviews on the home page.

    Our team has been part of the streaming playlist community since 2017. We specialize in Spotify playlisting campaigns for artists of all sizes, from artists working on their first release to musicians signed with the majors.

    We treat every campaign with the care and consideration we'd give a major label campaign. As musicians ourselves, we are passionate about introducing new music to the world. As a result, we always put our clients' success before our own profits.
    Where are you based?
    Premium Music Marketingis a marketing and promotion agency based out of San Francisco, CA.

    We are a team of six that has been providing marketing expertise to artists and labels for 10+ years. We launched our service in 2017 and have been constantly improving upon it since then.
    Do you have a refund policy?
    We very rarely get refund requests. However, if a campaign performs poorly we will issue a Full Refund.